Bad Dingo Review

Introduction to Bad Dingo

Bad Dingo is an Australia-based gaming brand that first emerged in 2021. So far, the studio/line has produced at least two games available to play online. The line is actually a joint project of sorts between Reel Play and Yggdrasil Gaming. Both companies helped to produce and distribute the titles currently available from the label. It’s part of the widely publicized YG Masters program.

Bad Dingo is, so far, perhaps best known for its Super Reels and Infinity Reels technologies, which help to increase the number of potential wins to an eye-watering new standard. Infinity Reels, in fact, has since become part of the larger Reel Play catalog. Reel Play itself is based in Australia, giving ita strong link to the fledgling Bad Dingo brand.

History of Bad Dingo

Not much is known about Bad Dingo beyond its surprising launch in 2021, where it emerged that two slots would be released to the public with the support of Yggdrasil and Reel Play. As the brand is something of a joint project, it’s not clear as and when further titles from the studio will be announced.

However, this hasn’t prevented Bad Dingo from making an impact all on its own, despite its relatively new status on the scene (and its small stature). Given Yggdrasil and Reel Play’s fame and regard in the industry already, both of Bad Dingo’s slot games saw a big release, with the aforementioned Infinity Reels helping to set the projects apart from the pack.

Infinity Reels games effectively allow extra reels to be added to slot game windows each time a player wins, allowing for unlimited prize potential. However, experts have already crunched the numbers for the studio’s Super Ways innovation. It’s believed that Jaguar SuperWays – Bad Dingo’s landmark release – offers approximately 387,420,489 paylines. It is something of a record holder!

Bad Dingo Top Games

At the time of writing, Bad Dingo offers two main games: Jaguar SuperWays and Golden Haul Infinity Reels. Both games are highly notable in that they aim to push the boundaries for winning potential, with the former providing more paylines than the industry average – and with the latter potentially offering unlimited reels.

Golden Haul Infinity Reels puts players deep into the hunt for treasure, with explosions galore likely as more and more reels stack up. Reels only stop getting added when the player stops winning. On top of this, the game also provides multiplier boosts with each reel added, therefore further increasing the potential win value.

Jaguar Super Ways, meanwhile, is a jungle-based slot that initially offers243 different ways to win. However, when players spin paw prints up on the reels, the grid expands, allowing for more than 387 million ways to win. Cascading free spins are also available through the bonus round here, thoughfor many players, the scalable paylines will likely be a big appeal.

Bad Dingo may not have the largest games catalog at the time of writing. However, the two games that the companyis known for are already challenging conventions. It will be interesting to see where the label travels from here.

Bad Dingo Notable Awards

As Bad Dingo is still a relatively small brand at the time of writing, it is yet to collect any awards on its own. However, its partners in Yggdrasil and Reel Play are well-decorated on their own. For example, Yggdrasil, on its own, was awarded the ‘Slot Provider of The Year Award’ for 2021 by the International Gaming Awards.

However, the future is likely to be bright for Bad Dingo. Both Yggdrasil and Reel Play have continued to innovate together and apart, meaning that it may be that we see some awards – and further games – entering the Bag Dingo lineup in the years to come.

Bad Dingo Summary

Bad Dingo is a small brand that’s best known for bringing two exciting titles in collaboration between Yggdrasil and ReelPlay to the table. Since the brand’s initial offerings in 2021, the Infinity Reels technology has since re-emerged through ReelPlay, and time will tell as and when Bad Dingo will rise again. In the meantime, however, itstwo famous titles are already doing the rounds across various casinos and slot sites.

In the event of further releases from Bad Dingo, we will, of course, update our guides to let you know.