Top Lottery Games to Play in Europe

There are tons of people all around the world who are against the very idea of lottery games. The majority of the people oppose them because of their religious beliefs and sentiments while others simply reject them because of their very nature.

Many people think that lottery games are nothing more than just a waste of money and resources. So many people end up spending their money on scratchcards online for years and win nothing in return. They keep doing it with hopes that someday they would win something big. People even think that the winners of the lottery prizes are plotted and the games are just a hoax.

Still, there is a large number of people who are still playing lottery games in masses and are trying to find the right moment that will change their lives forever. Although the United States of America offers the largest lottery games even in other countries, the European Lottery games are no less. At present, there are many Lottery Heroes in Europe that are providing opportunities to the citizens in changing their lives forever so here are a few that you may find interesting:

French Loto – Europe

If you are playing the French Loto then you have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for the game even if you are not in France itself. The French Loto has proven to be one of the best lottery games for the Europeans. No matter where you are, all you need to do is go online on French Loto’s portal where the lottery agent will purchase the ticket on your behalf with your preferences. Once purchased, the ticket is scanned and sent over to you for safe-keeping.

If you win a prize, then you are contacted by the representative right away informing you of the win.

Euromillions – Europe

It is one of the best lottery games that is offered in entire Europe. The Euromillions Lottery holds the same value and demand as Powerball and Mega Millions. While many love to play Powerball online, The Euromillions also offers players some of the most competitive lottos as compared to others. The jackpot prizes offered by the Euromillions are over £10 million and the prize money keeps on rising. The players have the opportunity to choose the draw date of their liking as well as the numbers of their choice.

They also offer players the option to go for Quick Pick options that let the computer choose the numbers randomly for your ticket.

FireFighters Lottery – Europe

The FireFighters Lottery is another unique lottery game that is widely played in Europe. It offers the players to win up to £20,000 worth of jackpot prizes. No matter where you are in Europe, you can purchase the FireFighters Lottery ticket for a single pound. The lottery has made things quite easy for players wanting to purchase the FireFighters Lottery tickets through the online platform. The draws for the particular game are scheduled on a monthly basis.

The FireFighters Lottery has revealed that a certain amount from each ticket goes to the Fire Fighters Charity services and other beneficiaries.

Eurojackpot – Europe

Eurojackpot is one of the largest lottery games that the Europeans can play. The lottery game is currently available in 16 major countries of Europe and it also offers a Lottery Concierge Service. The best thing about the Eurojackpot lottery is that it is not just limited to 16 countries but can be played internationally. The players can choose 5 sets of numbers from 1 to 50 and then two sets of numbers from 1 to 10, making it seven sets of numbers in total.

The draw for the particular game is held every Friday night and the winners are informed by the lottery operators.

SuperEnalotto – Europe

It is one of the lottery games in the entire world that does not put a cap on the jackpot prizes powered by SuperEnalotto. So if a lottery prize is not won, it keeps on adding until there is a winner of the jackpot prize. At times, the SuperEnalotto Lottery has the ability to go even over the €100 million jackpot prizes.